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Victoria Warburton

With a lifetime of experience in the field of music, Victoria Warburton is a musician who enjoys having many facets to the bow of such expression. Whilst voice and piano are her main instrumental vehicles, her broad experience with different instruments and musical settings, also lends itself to enjoying the many variants possible in the contemporary recording studio.

Victoria is a music teacher, choir and ensemble director, and facilitator of supporting others to reclaim and get to know the potency of their true voice and expression through music.


Victoria Warburton Music (VWM) is a natural extension of Victoria’s passion for true expression in music, the deep sense of religiosity music can convey, and that this can be made available to all.


It is from this devotion to an expression that confirms and ignites the spark of Divinity in others, that her music and indeed this site and its media are birthed.


Victoria's debut CD Divinity Is Birthed aptly launches the first media offering through VWM.


Read more on what founds VWM and our future plans.

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